Regular Interior grade 3/4 1525×1525 Ш1

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Plywood is a multi-layer building material made by gluing specially prepared veneer. Veneer made of natural wood, which is used in the production of plywood, gives it a special strength and a unique pattern made by nature itself. The popularity of this material is due to its low cost, practicality and universality.

Types of plywood

Plywood regular interior is a wood-layered plate glued with a urea-formaldehyde composition. Moisture-resistant, for internal use.


birch veneer
High strength
and wear resistance
Surface hardness
Ability to withstand a large load
Temperature resistance:
from -40 to +50 °С
Wide range of sizes

Field of application

Birch plywood varieties

Grade «I» birch plywood

Almost free from defects, only a few healthy fused knots with a diameter of up to 25 mm, minor brown streaks and fallen knots d up to 5 mm are allowed.

It is used for covering with a transparent varnish and further facing of premises.

Grade «II» birchplywood

It is allowed to fix the surface of the sheet. Knots and open defects are sealed with veneer inserts.

It is used as a covering, can be covered with transparent finishing materials or painted.

Grade «III» birch plywood

Smooth surface with no restrictions on color and number of inserts.

Used for further lamination, veneering or painting.

Grade «IV» birchplywood

Defects in wood processing and structure are allowed. quality bonding is guaranteed.

It is actively used for packaging production. 


The thickness of the plywood


The number of sheets and square meters in one cubic meter and one bundle, as well as the cubature of bundles, for different thicknesses

Thickness, mm 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 12 15 18 20 21
Sheets in 1m3 144 108 86 72 54 48 43 36 29 24 22 20
m2 in m3 333 250 200 167 125 111 100 83 67 56 51 47
Sheets in one pack 130 100 80 65 50 44 40 33 26 22 20 19
Pack size 0,907 0,93 0,93 0,907 0,93 0,921 0,93 0,921 0,907 0,921 0,93 0,928
Pack parameters: 1525*1525*400 mm
Average weight per pack 650 kg
Plywood sanded on both sides, except for grades IV/IV.


Standard plywood shipment rates

Eurofura 20 tons – 32 packs
Container 20“ – 21 packs
Container 40“ – 41 packs
Car – 100 packs


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